Guarantee – Fishers Cart


We’re so confident you’ll love FishersCart seafood that if you don’t think it’s the BEST seafood you’ve ever tasted, we’ll give you your money back. We won’t even ask you to ship back the seafood. We are not the cheapest, but we have the freshest seafood that is legitimately wild-caught every day. Our products are antibiotics-free, hormone modification-free, all-natural wild-caught seafood that is good for your health, your family's health, and the economy.


All we ask of you is to send an email to with the subject line: Refund Request: Order # (YOUR ORDER NUMBER) and share what you didn’t like about your order. One of our team members will reply to your request as soon as possible. 


Guarantee does not cover:

1. Frustration due to the fact that you didn't get the certain gender you wanted.

2. You mistakenly ordered your products.

3. You don't like the size of the goods.

4. It didn't arrive as "Alive"  (WE ARE CLAIMING THE GOODS AS "FRESH" NOT LIVE")

5. It didn't tasted like you expected. 

See our Refund and Return Policy for the complete process.


Please note: Beef and Coffee can not be returned and are not covered under our guarantee/refund policy. Please donate unopened meals you didn’t like to someone in need or discard. For seafood returns or refund requests, you must send an email on the actual day you receive your orders. We believe that you're a good person and won't use this guarantee falsely against us as it will greatly affect the local fishermen's commission. You have 1-hour after you received your order to ask for a refund.

Premium Quality

We partnered with local-fishermen of Navotas city to give you Fresh Wild-Caught Seafood Daily! All goods are 100% natural sea-caught! NOT FARMED.


Get your order the next day you ordered! Just make sure to place your orders before 5:00PM to get it the next day.


Cash on Delivery. Only pay when you receive your orders. Keep the products for FREE, If It's not freshly delivered at your doorstep.


Get Freshest Catch Seafood straight to your doorstep. Do your 2-4 hours of your chores in 10 minutes or less! Skip the line, save time, energy, effort, and be safe from the Coronavirus.