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Fresh Hipon (~1kg)

Fresh Hipon (~1kg)

Fresh Hipon (~1kg)

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Sweet, buttery, and mind-blowingly delicious large shrimp. Our Large Shrimp is wild-caught and will be delivered to you freshly caught! Enjoy it at the peak of its freshness. 

Wild-caught Shrimp offers a sweet taste brought out with minimal cooking and a quick toss with butter or oil. Serve to guests as the perfect party appetizer or put them front and center in simple garlic butter shrimp, honey lemon shrimp, shrimp pasta, or savory sinigang na hipon. This is a dream for every Seafood lover! 

Enjoy some of the most delicious and nutritious seafood you have ever tasted...guaranteed.

Best quality while cheapest in the market. We priced our products cheaper than wet markets and grocery stores while delivering the very best quality to your doorstep. 

NOTE: Seafood is not yet cleaned. It is freshly caught on the day of actual delivery and will be delivered to you straight from the boats to your doorstep. We partnered with local fishmongers to guarantee, that you'll receive the best and freshly caught seafood. Plus, for every order you make, you're helping local fishermen here in Navotas City earn more for a living. The large business establishment is paying them very low, we are buying their seafood at a much higher desired price for it. 

Fresh Wild-Caught. Straight from the boats. No antibiotics. Never farmed or genetically modified. Perfectly sized portions. Good for the environment, good for the economy, Good for YOU, and YOUR FAMILY. The lean protein and omega-3s make fish a smart, nutritious choice. Eating fish two or three times per week may reduce your risk of getting a chronic disease.

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If you love seafood don't miss this market. It has all kind of seafood you like. Guaranteed fresh inside the box. Sobrang hassle-free pa sa transaction! 💯


Angela T.

Your Lobsters and Prawns are so fresh and delicious! Definitely will order again! Great products, fast delivery, and great customer service!


Patricia D.

Thanks for the fresh seafood... So fresh it's like you're in the province... Pag niluto manamisnamis pa talaga. Halatang fresh an fresh! Kaya order ulit kami dito...


Lemuel J.

Thank you for my order. They are all fresh kahit ngayon ko lang na open. Mga crabs buhay pa talaga sila! I'm totally satisfied. More orders again 😁.


Janine T.

Thank you po, maganda at sariwa lahat ng isda na natanggap namin. The rider was also professional and polite. I defiitely recommend this service!


Nonna N.

Thanks so much for the fresh seafoods! Good quality, big sizes, and tama sa timbang. 💙 Definitely will order again!


Lyn-Sheen S.

The steak is so tender and juicy! Great product at a good deal! Definitely will order again! Thanks for the FREE Oyster 😊.


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Premium Quality

Seafood goods are 100% natural sea-caught daily! Beef are 100% Grass-fed and Grass-Finished. Fruits and Coffee are grown naturally without pesticides. Heat & Heat products does not contain preservatives.


Get your order the next day you ordered! Just make sure to place your orders before 5:00PM to get it the next day.


Cash on Delivery Available. Keep the products for FREE, if It's not freshly delivered at your doorstep.


Get Freshest Catch Seafood straight to your doorstep. Do your 2-4 hours of your chores in 10 minutes or less! Skip the line, save time, energy, effort, and be safe from the Coronavirus.

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